J Elwood Bakker

12049284_1485008645135459_4083108081404461602_nJ. Elwood Bakker is an up-and-coming author still figuring out this terrible, wonderful, frightening and thrilling journey that is putting words on pages for other people to read.

He’s not entirely certain what happened to his sanity, but if you find it do please call the number on the tags. J. Elwood misses the little bugger, and would like him home.

Mr. Bakker was born and grew up in northern Central California, on the southern outskirts of the Silicon Valley, and currently lives in the Santa Cruz Hills. However he can be found most reliably in cyberspace, letting his various personae out for walks so they’ll stop pestering him and let him get some blasted WORK done. His “day job” is unimportant, but if you happen to stumble on him in meatspace and buy him a beer or two, he might tell you about it anyway, at your own peril.

He studied various things in college, none of them terribly successfully, including Creative Writing. After realizing that crippling debt for a piece of paper that told him he knew what to do what he’d BEEN doing for most of his life was an incredibly poor investment, he began seeking alternative means of funding his enormous housing and dihydrogen monoxide habit, with perhaps a little left over to treat his fiancée to lavish meals of beans and some form of protein that probably wouldn’t kill them.

He can be reached via Facebook Twitter or at jelwoodbakker@gmail.com as well as on Google Plus.