Europcar Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions

The administrative fee is the fee we have charged for the administrative costs related to your rental. • For professional (B2B) customers, please note that Europcar offers limited warranty insurance coverage up to the deductible indicated in your rental agreement. Nevertheless, we insist that we reserve the right to terminate the lease if the repair costs of Europcar`s vehicles represent more than 10% of Europcar`s turnover with the commercial customer. During the rental, you must take all necessary protective measures to keep the vehicle in the condition in which you took possession of it. In particular, you and/or the driver are required to carry out usual inspections of the condition of the vehicle, such as oil and water level and tyre pressure.a) Special provisions for professional customers (B2B) You must present the rented vehicle to check its good working condition and any possible damage, in addition to a valid payment method every thirty (30) days to the Europcar Station Agency to renew the rental contracts. For the presentation of the vehicle, a period of five (5) working days is granted from the date of termination of the rental agreement. Beyond this period, a late payment penalty is imposed per day, the amount of which is set out in the Guide to Recommended Rates. In addition, any formal notice costs will be incurred. The amount of this service is set in the guide of recommended rates and is currently available in Ile de France and Provence-Alpes-Cote d`Azur.

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