Elk Island Collective Agreement

This collective agreement is entered into in this agreement by __ 20__ between Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No. 14 (School Jurisdiction) and the Alberta Teachers` Association (Association). 3.4.8 A teacher holding a letter of power of attorney may not receive increments for more than three (3) years of teaching experience until proof of possession of a permanent certificate from Alberta Teaching is presented, provided always that no teacher holding a letter of power of attorney and currently employed receives less salary than under the previous agreement. 13.3 If the association requests a secondment for a teacher elected to the Provincial Executive Council as president of a local civil servant or other local official already mentioned in the collective agreement, the teacher shall be seconded as provided for within the maximum limit of the teacher`s FTEs, provided that the amount of ftEs seconded by the teacher is mutually agreed by the school justice. the teacher and the association and is free for school justice. 2.5.1 Notwithstanding section 130 of the Labour Relations Act, in the event of termination for the purpose of central bargaining, a collective agreement that comes into force between the parties at the time of notification of termination is deemed to continue to apply to the parties until the collective agreement is adopted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta as amended from time to time, including the Rights of the Child Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA), the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code. 2.5.2 In the event of a strike or lockout during central negotiations, the presumed continuation of the collective agreement shall be suspended until an agreement on central conditions is ratified in accordance with Article 11(4) of the PECBA or the central conditions are otherwise regularised. 1.4 “General Salary Increase” means a percentage of the salary increase applicable to all stages of all grids of a Transaction Agreement. (c) where the association asserts that conditions are implied or in the collective agreement, including if such a difference is arbitral. 1.2 “first year”, with respect to a transaction agreement, the period from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. The other terms of the collective agreement, with the exception of clause 16, local claims procedure, do not apply to a teacher recruited exclusively by the hour to deliver credit and other courses described in the programme; except in cases where the teacher of the school justice offers other teaching services by a person other than the hour.

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