Chattahoochee Tech Transfer Agreement

Other colleges, universities and schools in Georgia, as well as schools in other countries, can and will accept credits earned from CTC. However, the institution the student wishes to visit is responsible for determining whether certain credits can be transferred or not. Prospective transfer students must submit an application for admission, a non-refundable application fee, and official copies of transcripts from all colleges, universities, or post-secondary students the student has attended. Classification tests are required. Transfer your credits to the UIU through our joint agreement with Chattahoochee Technical College. Students who have a good academic reputation at an accredited college or university other than the CTC may enroll as a temporary student to earn university credits, which are then transferred to their home school. Transient students are only admitted if there is space available. Anyone wishing to apply as a temporary student must submit a completed application, a non-refundable application fee, a letter from the home university or university, and proof of conditions. This is often proven by unofficial university transcripts. Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology pathway allows chattahoochee technology students who acquire their Associate of Science in Nursing to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Reinhardts Cauble School of Nursing & Health Sciences. It also includes reinhardts RN to BSN online program.

The articulation agreement highlights the classes that move from Chattahoochee Tech to Reinhardt`s care programs and that apply for the academic years 2019-2021. Earlier this month, the presidents of Chattahoochee Technical College and Valdosta State University signed articulation agreements that will simplify the transition process between the two universities. Learn more about how to transfer credits outside of our partnership with Chattahoochee Technical College. Our articulation agreements offer security knowing that you have an advanced position when you switch to one of the LIFE programs. Ask a UIU authorization consultant to evaluate your current transcript to see if a transmission is useful for you. The Pathways program agreement allows chattahoochee technology students with an Associate of Applied Science, in one or more of the 39 articulated programs, to maximize credit transfer to earn either a Bachelor of Science in Organization Management, a Bachelor of Science in Human Capital, or a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration and Technology in two years or less at Valdosta State. Dr. Joseph G. Weaver, Director of Off-Campus Programs at VSU. Check out Chattahoochee`s Technical College Transfer Guide by course to see which of your courses will be transferred to the UIU.

Then discuss your transfer plan with your admissions advisor. The Pathways program focuses on the priorities of Complete College Georgia, an initiative designed to increase the number of Georgians who graduate from higher education. This is a collaboration between Valdosta State University and partner institutions such as Chattahoochee Technical College to maximize the transfer of student credits with accredited graduates of applied science or the Associate of Applied Technology to earn a bachelor`s degree in two years or less. . . .

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