Budget Base Agreement

Until 2016, these countries had only 12,457 boots on the ground. Their mission was to monitor U.S. interests and support local troops. Here is a statement of the DoD`s core budget since fiscal year 2006. Once the core budget is combined with OCO expenditures, the situation is different. President Obama becomes the main funder of defense. In 2010, it deployed $691 billion. He sent a wave of forces into Afghanistan. This was after 47,000 troops were sent to Afghanistan in 2009.

Departments use the base budget if they plan more than 12 months at the same time. For example, they can benefit from a reduction in the costs of multi-year contracts. The basic budget assures contractors that they are paid. That`s because the departments depend on the U.S. Congress every year for funding. The core budget ensures continuity. Without them, the department cannot make legal commitments for more than a year. It would cost them and the government more. If you only look at the base budget, it seems that President Trump`s budget request for fiscal year 2019 is the highest.

If approved by Congress, it would surpass last year`s record $US 574.5 billion and President Obama`s record high of $US 530.4 billion in 2012. The U.S. Department of Defense starts each year with a base budget. It was also the year President Bush sent a wave of 20,000 troops to Iraq to keep the peace.

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