Annex Ii To The Agreement

(viii) in contradiction with Article IV, provided that the unequal treatment is the result of a convention for the avoidance of double taxation or of provisions for the avoidance of double taxation in other international conventions or conventions to which the party is bound. Each Party shall publish without delay and, except in emergency situations, no later than the date of its entry into force, all relevant measures of general application relating to the operation of or concerning this Agreement. International agreements concerning or affecting trade in services which a Contracting Party has signed shall also be published. 2. With regard to such commercial practices, in particular anti-competitive commercial practices which may adversely affect competition and/or trade between the Parties and within the Contracting Parties, the Parties shall apply the provisions on competition policy which may enter into force or enter into force at national level after the entry into force of this Agreement, as well as the provisions which may be adopted in international agreements on competition policy. 3. If the consultations do not result in an agreement acceptable to the Parties, the benefits may be provisionally denied and the Party concerned may endeavour to resolve the matter in accordance with Article XV of the Agreement establishing the Free Trade Area between the Caribbean Community and the Dominican Republic (Free Trade Agreement). 4. Each Party shall respond without delay to all requests for specific information from the other Party concerning its measures of general application or the international conventions referred to in paragraph 1. (ii) are necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health and to protect the environment; The Parties recognise that certain commercial practices of service providers not covered by Article XVI may restrict competition and thus restrict trade in services. 3. Each Party shall, at the request of the other Party, consult each other in order to refrain from any practice referred to in paragraph 1.

The receiving Party shall examine such a request in a comprehensive and benevolent manner and shall cooperate by providing publicly available information on the application of national law in this area. (iii) Such consultations shall assess the balance of payments situation of the Party concerned and the restrictions adopted or maintained pursuant to this Article, taking into account, inter alia, the following: 5. . .

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