Agreement Between Uk And France

However, in the middle of the eleventh century there was a quarrel over the throne of England, and the French-speaking Normans, who were Vikings, Franconians and Gallo-Romans, invaded England under their Duke William the Conqueror and took after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and crowned themselves Kings of England. The Normans took control of the country and the political system. Feudal culture took root in England, and over the next 150 years England was generally considered secondary to the dynasty`s continental territories, particularly in Normandy and other provinces in western France. The language of the aristocracy was French for several hundred years after the Norman conquest. Many French words were then taken up in the English language. About a third of the English language comes from or through different forms of French. The first Norman kings were also the Dukes of Normandy, so relations between the countries were a bit complicated. Although they were supposedly dukes under the King of France, their higher level of organization in Normandy de facto gave them more power. Moreover, they were themselves kings of England; England was not officially a province of France or a province of Normandy.

[10] France and the UNITED Kingdom agreed to seek closer cooperation between NATO and the EU and a lasting partnership between NATO and Russia, based on practical cooperation and reciprocity. The Entente Cordiale of April 1904, which was formally titled the declaration between the United Kingdom and France on respect for Egypt and Morocco, conforms more than anything to a declaration of friendship between these two great European powers.

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