Rugby Australia Collective Bargaining Agreement

Players will also have more holidays under the new convention. The outgoing head of rugby in Australia, Bill Pulver, for whom this will probably be his last great legacy in the game, said it would be a boost for rugby. The agreement between Rugby Australia and the Rugby Union Players Association, under which players make 60 per cent pay cuts, will provide short-term financial facilities for the code fighting during the coronavirus pandemic. Super Rugby`s salary cap will increase from $5 million to $5.5 million under the new deal, but it is unclear how it will work in 2018, especially with the influx of players to the rebels after the troop`s axe. A third collective agreement came into force in December 2004. The agreement dealt with issues related to the burnout of players, the accreditation of agents, security and security, compulsory higher education and the improvement of employment conditions for all players. [3] [9] This current contract comes about 14 years after the last agreement was concluded in 2004, renewable automatically for several years. Under the current CBA, players receive a generous 29 percent of player revenue, regardless of game revenue or player performance. It`s a good deal for players, but for a financially fragile code like rugby, it can`t be sustainable. Outgoing Rugby Australia CEO Bill Pulver said: “I would like to thank RUPA CEO Ross Xenos and his team for a difficult but fair negotiation that resulted in a result that ultimately put our game on a solid footing over the last three years of our current broadcast agreement.

Any new CBA negotiations must recognise that Australian rugby players are a valuable asset in the global marketplace. How can he keep costs low in the uncertain future and ensure that his best players are properly rewarded? The agreement positions rugby in a positive way to start 2018 and brings clarity to all professional players in rugby for the future. It also allows the game`s new executives and administrators to begin their rejuvenation of the professional game from a stable and unified platform, and offers security to players when the game enters this new era. Ra will need more than ever the cooperation and goodwill of the players in a post-coronavirus world. As part of the interim agreement, players will be involved in discussions on future competitions and structures. Part of the solution could already be found in the interim agreement.

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